Eventbrite Shows Social Media Growth
Eventbrite Shows Social Media Growth

Ticketing service Eventbrite has released a report that shows how social commerce has evolved over the last two years. Both dollars per share and visits per share have increased considerably over the last two years. And while Twitter generates more traffic back to Eventbrite, Facebook creates more ticket revenue.

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-- Dollars per share (DPS) increased 81% to $3.23 from $1.78 since 2010. DPS on Twitter grew 330% to $1.85 while DPS on Facebook grew 65% to $4.15.

-- Visits per share increased to 17 from 7 since 2010. Links shared on Facebook now drive an average of 14 visits back to Eventbrite compared to 11 in 2010. Links shared on Twitter drive 33 visits while LinkedIn shares drive an average of 10 visits.

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Just for comparison, back in September 2011 Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard told Billboard the company was getting $5.35 in incremental revenue from every social media share. "Our Facebook Connect integration alone is driving those numbers, and I don't think there's anybody out there seeing anything close to that."

Eventbrite has been especially active in the music space since its 2010 social report. Earlier this year the company established a partnership with promoter Disco Donnie Presents that gives it a presence in the growing electronic dance music business. With the help of major events such as the Warped Tour and the Governors Ball in New York City, Eventbrite exceeded $1 billion in ticket sales this year. The service is now localized in 11 countries including the U.K., Spain, France and Germany.

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