RED and Co. President Bob Morelli Celebrate a Solid Year at Annual Holiday Party (Backbeat)

The RED house band, RED Zeppelin, entertain their coworkers with a sterling set of rock classics. Pictured from left are: RED digital sales and marketing specialist Zac Mantell on guitar; RED's 'stache media director of marketing and the band's lead singer Allison Moore; RED director of advertising and label relations Billy Conklin drums; VP of finance and label operations at RED Melinda Caffin on keyboards and guitar; and RED manager of digital sales and marketing Chris Christian on guitar

At RED's annual holiday party, company president Bob Morelli thanked his staff for a great year, pointing out that while some would say 2012 had been the company's best year (when it finished with a 4.29% market share for albums plus track equivalent albums and distributed two of the year's top 10 selling albums) he stressed that 2013 has been the company's finest year. Morelli congratulated everyone for coming together to produce results nearly as strong as the year previous, with RED's marketshare sitting at 4.07% as of Dec. 22, 2013 -- even though it didn't have as many big hits in its arsenal. After addressing his troops, Morelli invited all to have a good time at the party; guests included label partners, retail accounts and executives from Sony Music Entertainment corporate.

The RED team show Trans World Entertainment director of marketing and visual merchandising Jodie Evans a little down home hospitality.Pictured from left are: RED's 'stache media manager of lifestyle marketing Bailey McGinty; RED director of inventory management Darci Shellman; RED's 'stache media online marketing and publicity Arielle Aslanyan; RED director of indie marketing Alex Brody; RED label manager Shealyn Anderson; TWEC director of marketing and visual merchandising Jodie Evans; RED president Bob Morelli; RED coordinator of advertising and consumer research Lauren Torregrossa; and RED's 'stache media advertising manager Samantha Gable

A trio of power players get together and assess strategy for 2014 over cocktails. From left: Provident Label Group president/CEO Terry Hemmings; Sony Music Entertainment president of global digital business/U.S. sales Dennis Kooker and RED president Bob Morelli

A trio of RED party attendees critique the RED Zeppelin band. Pictured from left: RED marketing and sales assistant Jamie De Filippis; RED senior VP of product development Alan Becker; and RED Southeast regional promotions manager Emma Applebome

At the party, RED VP of label management Liz Snair, left, chats with Wind-up Records president Ed Vetri over the merits of hard rock versus alternative rock

Against the backdrop of the swinging party, RED and Sony sales staffers take time from discuss how they can work better with the Best Buy music team. From left: Sony Music Entertainment senior director of sales Michael Kail; RED VP of national account Ron Backer; Best Buy merchant Dan Willman; Best Buy senior merchant Deidre Wesloh and Best Buy promotions marketing manager Lucie Gregeur

RED Associated Labels senior director of marketing Sarah Landy compares notes with BMG Chrysalis VP of masters Jason Hradil