A DJ Z-Trip-produced soundtrack with all original tracks, remixes and mash-ups highlights the new Take-Two/2K Sports "All-Pro Football 2K8" video game due in July for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Cross-marketing includes a 2K Sports/Decon Records soundtrack CD ("All Pro"), a Z-Trip headlined tour featuring a several of the game artists and an iTunes/label promotion offering exclusive bonus tracks. Game track samples will be available later this month on 2K Sports' Web site.

While he contributed a track for an Electronic Arts "Madden NFL" game a few years ago, and original mixes for several other games, "All-Pro Football" represents a "new direction" for the veteran DJ, who is a mash-up originator.

"I'm trying to get a bit more into arranging and producing like Quincy Jones has done successfully," he tells Billboard.biz. "I'm now into writing music with several incredible studio musicians who have been working with major bands." He hopes to do something toward year-end that's more "live-based," as he terms it. "Once it grows some legs, we'll definitely want to talk about it."

Decon reached out to Z-Trip on behalf of 2K Sports and asked him to produce the soundtrack. "I was able to get the artists that I felt would 'fit the vibes,'" he says. "We were going after a more aggressive feel with a combo of hip-hop and rock elements to get you [gamers] fired up to tackle someone on the field. To me it was more getting MCs and fitting them in a pocket, like using some sample riffs from Clutch's 'False Prophets of Doom' to become 'Doin' It Like This' in the game."

Also included on the soundtrack are Dead Prez providing a new rap over the Deftones' "My Summer (Shove It)," Rakim & Chevelle on "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em 2007," Slug from Atmosphere with Lateef for "On My Side," Aceyalone with "Automatic At It" and an original Z-Trip remix of Rush's classic "Tom Sawyer," among others.

"The 2K Sports All-Pro Tour featuring Z-Trip should be great," notes Tim Rosa, 2K Sports' brand & lifestyle marketing director. It will make 25 to 30 stops across the country, probably kicking off in San Francisco or Sacramento, Calif. Aceyalone and Gift Of Gab are also on the bill, as are Rakim, Dead Prez and Chali 2na on several dates. "We'll have live music with a VJ mixing in real time with game footage," he adds.