Rough Trade, the iconic specialist London music store, is about to launch a new outlet which it claims is designed to revolutionize the music-retail landscape.

The retailer, until now operating two small niche outlets in Central London's Covent Garden and Notting Hill in West London, will open on Friday a 5,000-sq-ft store in Brick Lane, East London.

The new store will be called Rough Trade East, while the Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, store is scheduled to shut down later on.

At a time when another U.K. specialist store Fopp has collapsed, Rough Trade claims to have found an antidote to the blight affecting brick-and-mortar operations.

"It's a totally different type of music store that doesn't exist in this country and, as far as I know, doesn't exist anywhere else in the world," Stephen Godfroy, a director at Rough Trade, tells "There is a new philosophy and reasoning behind it."

The new store, which kicks off with a soft launch, will focus only on music, with traditional vinyl representing of its 25% product.

The stock will feature both chart music and works by unsigned acts. But to qualify, a recording will need the cutting edge that made Rough Trade's name in the 1970s when it was synonymous with the punk movement and more recently when it championed in the United Kingdom the-then unknown White Stripes.

A 200-capacity room within the building will host live music performances. Other in-store entertainment will include pop quizzes and debates with artists participating. Additionally, free Wi-Fi Internet access will be available.

The new store will adopt a family-friendly approach, offering hot drinks, a crèche-type service for changing nappies, plus workshops and events designed for kids.