Hollywood Records will debut CDVU Plus, a new ecologically-friendly,
interactive digital disc format with the upcoming self-titled album from
teen rockers The Jonas Brothers, due August 7, according to sources at

The Jonas Brothers CDVU Plus will play in all CD players and will feature
digital liner notes, artwork, as well as 75 photos, music videos and allow
access to the artist's Web site. Additionally, the new format will contain a
poster maker where the fans will be able to impose a photo of their head on a body standing with the Jonas Brothers so that when it is printed out they will be in the shot with the group.

The disk, which is made by Zinio, a company that specializes in the digital
presentation of magazines, will come in the eco-pak used currently for
Universal's "Millennium" series, which means it will have a one page cover photo, with the bare minimum information.

The company refused comment.