In a break from tradition, EMI will release the physical versions of the anticipated new Kylie Minogue and Spice Girls singles on a Sunday in Britain, a day earlier than typical releases.

Minogue's "2 Hearts," the opening track from her forthcoming album "X," will be made available from bricks-and-mortar retail on No. 11, a full 24-hours ahead of plans. The Spice Girls' comeback track "Headlines" will be racked at traditional retail from Nov. 18, also moving a day ahead of schedule.

An EMI representative says a "combination of factors" were behind the decision to advance the release dates. "We've noticed that recent market movements by competitors have seen digital being available Sunday and physical Monday - this is inconsistent for physical retailers so we're setting a level playing field," says the EMI spokesperson. "Otherwise, Sunday is a lost sales day."

The 24-hour headstart should capitalize on the high profile marketing and promo campaigns for both releases, notes the EMI exec. EMI is alerting retailers of the move.

Britain's Official U.K. Singles Chart counts over-the-counter sales data in the week beginning on a Sunday, and ending the following Saturday.