Unique Distributors, the New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based one-stop specializing in new and classic 12" vinyl singles and LPs as well as DJ accessories, will shut its doors by the end of this month and liquidate, after 27 years of operation, according to a notice sent out by the company.

According to an e-mailed notice to vendors, the company's "lender has recently advised us it will not continue financing our ongoing operations. Through negotiations, we have agreed to begin an orderly liquidation of business, in order to insure our ability to generate the greatest possible recovery for our creditors."

Once secured creditors are paid, any excess funds will be placed with the firm's legal counsel -- Michael D. Brofman, Esq. of Weiss & Zarett in New Hyde Park, New York -- for purpose of making a distribution to creditors on pro-rata basis.

The notice was signed by founder and president Robert Miller.