Gibson Guitar's new Dark Fire guitar is being produced in limited quantities of 2,000. It goes to retail today (Dec. 15).

The guitar features second generation Robot technology, expanding on the Robot guitar Gibson introduced in 2007, which, among other things, allows the guitar to automatically tune itself in less than a second.

The new model, which features the classic Les Paul form, also features Chameleon Tone Technology, which allows for multiple tone possibilities, computer hardware and software and an Internet community site.

Among other features, the Dark Fire also comes with studio software called Native Instruments' Guitar Rig 3, which features emulations of 12 amps, 17 guitar and six bass cabinets, among others.

Dark Fire users can also download specific artist tone presets from over 22 artists, including Dave Grohl, Slash and David Gilmour.

The guitar comes equipped with a small box that acts as a high quality studio preamp and full interface computer. Several activities will kick off the Dec. 15 launch of the Dark Fire, including a demonstration in Miami by Mark Kondrat, the lead guitarist of Grammy-nominated Latin fusion band Locos por Juana.

The guitar is on sale at selected dealers worldwide, with each carrying only five guitars. Only 2,000 Dark Fires will be sold worldwide and, once sold, will not be reissued. The Dark Fire is available for around $3,500.