Sony Music Entertainment began cutting staff today (Jan. 15), with the process expected to be completed tomorrow, sources tell

At deadline, at least 30 people had been cut from the company's two distribution companies: Sony Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales, and RED.

At the major distribution company, those cut from the staff included senior VP of sales Colin Willis, director of western region sales Laurel Polson and director of eastern region sales John Hawn, according to sources.

Additionally, Sony's Columbia Records has laid off several of its staff members, including president of urban music Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua and urban marketing executive Al Branch. Several regional promotional staff members have also been let go.

It is unclear who will follow Joshua to guide Columbia's urban department,
or who will handle the projects of Jim Jones and the Clipse. Both artists were signed by Joshua.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the layoffs occurred at the major label distribution company, with RED's body count reduced by about eight staffers, sources add.

Sony Music Entertainment representatives declined comment.

Additional reporting by Hillary Crosley, N.Y.