The Dutch association for producers and importers of image and sound carriers (NVPI), which represents recorded music, video and games companies, has released its figures for 2008.

The total sales of CDs, DVDs and games rose from €915.3 million ($1.16 billion) in 2007 to €940.76 million ($1.195 billion) last year, an increase of 2.8%.

However, a 29.5% jump in sales of console games was mainly responsible for this gain. In the music market, turnover for album CDs went down by 6% to €223.9 million ($284.47 million) and the combined sales of music DVDs and VHS videos slumped by 15.2% to €33.3 million ($42.3 million).

Downloads did little to offset this loss, as the 2008 sales only increased by 17.5% to €14.1 million ($17.9 million). The DVD market also shrank, by 5.2% to €328.4 million ($417.34 million).

On a positive note, domestic product is faring better than ever, with an unprecedented market share of 25%.

If games consoles are included - sales of hardware increased by 47.2% to €312.5 million ($397.2 million) - the total Dutch entertainment market increased by 11.2% to €1.27 billion ($1.61 billion).