Mickey Granberg, a driving force behind the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers for nearly three decades, died Wednesday night at her home in Pompano Beach, Fla. She was 83.

Beginning in 1961, Granberg and her then husband, Jules Malamud, oversaw the trade group during its formative years, according to the NARM Web site. In the early days of her NARM affiliation, Granberg worked days as an English professor at Philadelphia's Temple University and nights as NARM's office administrator. When Malamud left the organization in the 1970s, Granberg remained as a senior member of the staff and eventually rose to head the organization, becoming one of the top female executives in the music industry.

One of her most notable achievements was the formation of the NARM Scholarship Foundation.

After Granberg retired in 1989, she still served the organization as an advisor and provided her expertise to NARM's government relations and public affairs for another decade. In total, her affiliation with NARM lasted for nearly 40 years.

"Mickey was the grand dame of NARM for nearly four decades and there was no one else like her," NARM President Jim Donio said in a statement. "She invested so much of herself and her life into the Association that her contributions were truly inestimable. She had a unique ability to command action and inspire success, and the music industry was the better for it."

Granberg "taught by example ... a strong, no nonsense lady with a soft, empathetic and classy side," NARM Chairman of the Board Rachelle Friedman of J&R Music World said in a statement. "She taught me that nothing was impossible."

Granberg is survived by her husband, Martin; two sons, Eric and Steven; and seven grandchildren.

Contributions can be made in her name to the NARM Scholarship Foundation for the creation of a Mickey Granberg Memorial Scholarship Fund. For further information, contact NARM executive director Pat Daly at daly@narm.com or call 856-596-2221.