Taylor Swift is still the sweetheart of the music industry.

Her third album, "Speak Now," just became the 16th album in the Nielsen SoundScan era to sell a million units in one week at a time when many had doubted that anybody would accomplish that feat again (see Billboard, July 31).

Swift's million-selling week was propelled by three huge promotional campaigns that reached millions of consumers. There was a JetBlue promotion with that airline's passengers who traveled through terminal No. 5 at JFK airport treated to a live performance; there was a Scholastic 90th Anniversary Literacy Event, "Read With Taylor Swift," which included a performance and a Q&A with the artist that was broadcast into 25,000 classrooms, reaching an estimated 1 million school kids; and Target launched a $7 million television campaign in exchange for getting an exclusive version of the album.

The halo effect from all three campaigns and all the artist's TV appearances -- she has been everywhere in the last few weeks -- drove shoppers into stores all across the U.S. Non-traditional retailers such as Starbucks and Rite Aid also came on board. Billboard.biz reveals exactly how those million-plus units were shared between merchants in a retail report here.

Swift also had another huge factor working in her favor. It's clear that somewhere over the last year she blossomed from being a country music star into one of the biggest superstar music personalities in the world (although the U.S. is still by far her strongest market). That transformation appears to have been ignited by Kanye West's antics at the MTV Video Music Award show in September 2009.

Consequently, not only did "Speak Now," her third studio album, top the million unit mark in the first week of availability, it's a milestone that her first two albums failed to achieve.

Her last album, "Fearless," sold 592,000 units it its debut week ending Nov. 16, 2008, while the self-titled debut's biggest week came in its 63rd week of availability, scanning 187,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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