Michael Jackson's Biggest Chart Thrills
Michael Jackson's Biggest Chart Thrills

While it's been two years since Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, his solo catalog of music continues to post solid numbers in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

From his passing through the week ending June 19, 2011, Jackson's tracks have sold 16.3 million downloads while his albums have shifted 10.6 million copies.

The King of Pop's post-death album sales account for 33% of his cumulative SoundScan-era (1991 through present) album tally (32.3 million).

"Number Ones" is the artist's biggest-selling album since his passing, as it has moved 2.74 million. Jackson's 2009 "This Is It" soundtrack companion album of the same name is in second place with 1.67 million. Next in line are "Thriller" (1.49), "The Essential Michael Jackson" (1.38) and "Bad" (550,000).

In terms of track sales since Jackson died, his top five best selling tracks are "Billie Jean" (1.26 million), "Man in the Mirror" (1.23), "Beat It" (1.11), "Thriller" (1.04) and "Smooth Criminal" (872,000). That lineup is similar to his overall best-sellers (including sales generated pre-death): "Thriller" (2.28 million), "Billie Jean" (2.18), "Beat It" (1.84), "Man in the Mirror" (1.54) and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" (1.43).

While certainly the bulk of Jackson's post-death sales came in 2009, interest in his work has continued to post solid numbers. From his death until the end of 2009, he sold 11 million tracks and 8 million albums. In 2010: 3.7 million tracks and 2.1 million albums.

Jackson's 2010 album sales were bolstered by the release of his posthumous studio set "Michael," in December. So far, that album has sold a total of 503,000. ("Michael" finished 2010 as the year's 74th biggest seller, four slots above "Number Ones," which moved 388,000 in 2010 vs. "Michael's" 405,000.)

Now, in 2011, his sales stand -- year-to-date -- at 1.6 million tracks and 500,000 albums. At this rate, with all things being equal, Jackson could manage a total of 3 million tracks and 1 million albums for the full year.