CD Sweep Allows Music Fans to Unload Old CDs as a Donation to Autism Research
CD Sweep Allows Music Fans to Unload Old CDs as a Donation to Autism Research

Now people can finally dump their old CDs and do something socially positive at the same time. CD Sweep launched Tuesday, making it easy to clean out unwanted CDs and DVDs while also supporting Autism research.

While searching for something to do with his once impressive CD collection, CD Sweep founder Jason Roth got an idea from iPodmeister, which offers an easy solution for disc disposal, including free shipping labels and free MP3 ripping. iPodmeister ships used discs abroad to countries where they have a higher re-sale value and in return sends its customers a new iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Few seemed compelled to go through the trouble of boxing up hundreds and hundreds of CDs for the promise of another gadget. Roth, using the same business model, was looking to create a way to dump old CDs, and instead of giving away iPods, decided the proceeds from the CD donation drive would benefit a charity.

Roth's son Tyler was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome last year, leading Roth to donate the proceeds to The Autism Science Foundation, which conducts innovative autism research and supports the needs of people with autism and their families.

Thus, the independent, nonprofit fundraising campaign CD Sweep was born. The process is simple -- people can head to, enter the amount of discs they would like to send, and the organization will e-mail a prepaid FedEx label. With each disc given, a donation is made to The Autism Science Foundation.

CD Sweep also allows patrons to request their CDs to be digitized and sent back to as MP3s for free. The songs will be burned to a DVD and sent back while the CDs head off for re-sale.