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ICE, the pan-European online music rights licensing and processing hub, announced today a multi-territory license with Mixcloud, the audio streaming platform.

Mixcloud currently has over 1.2 million creators and 12 million DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts featuring top artists David Byrne, Carl Cox, Erykah Badu, David Guetta and Jazzy Jeff, with over 17 million listeners every month.

"We're excited to confirm a full pan-European deal with ICE," said Mixcloud Co-founder Nico Perez. "Mixcloud has been supporting artists, songwriters and creators since the start, and we are proud to partner with ICE on this mission."

Mixcloud’s new ICE ‘Core’ license covers repertoire for over 290,000 PRS for Music, GEMA and STIM members, in addition to some of the leading independent music publishers.

"The service offers a fantastic opportunity for the songwriters and publishers we represent to have their works feature in a diverse range of content and be properly paid for it. The new multi-year, multi-territory deal will help the service to continue to do just that as it grows," added Tim Rawlinson, head of licensing at ICE.

ICE has processed several billion online usages from digital service providers and distributed over 340 million euros ($398 million) back to their Collective Management Organisation and publisher rightsholders since 2016.

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