AB Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla

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After a three-year hiatus from the recording studio, AB Quintanilla has signed a 360 recording deal with DEL Records, home to Gerardo Ortiz and Luis Coronel. 

Quintanilla, the brother and former music director of Selena, was long signed to a major label, EMI Latin (later Capitol Latin). During that deal, Quintanilla had a string of high-selling albums with The Kumbia Kings, the fusion cumbia/pop/hip hop/norteño group he created with Cruz Martinez. Later, Quintanilla formed a second successful group, Kumbia All Starz.

In joining DEL, Quintanilla will is joining an indie for the first time, signing a deal that also includes an exclusive agreement as an in-house producer for DEL.

“We are thrilled to be joining DEL Records, a company that has been revolutionizing the Regional Mexican genre for the past 7 years and is now one of the major players in the music industry,” said Quintanilla in a statement.

DEL, which has only been around for four years, is a maverick company with aggressive marketing that has seen excellent results in the regional Mexican realm. Gerardo Ortiz became a star with the California-based label, distributed by Sony Music Latin. Quintanilla, however, will be the label’s first previously established star. 

“We are honored and excited to welcome AB Quintanilla into our family”, said DEL Records founder Angel Del Villar. “His music legacy has prevailed for more than two decades and we are looking forward to work with AB not only as an artist but as a producer.”

Quintanilla will be recording his first album for DEL with his new group, Elektro Kumbia.