Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan photographed at The Forum on Dec. 14, 2014 ingInglewood, California.  

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for CBS Radio

Like many others with a stake in the music biz, Billy Corgan has streaming on his mind these days. As Apple launches its own subscription service and Spotify's founder hits the press circuit to make his case for the freemium model, the Smashing Pumpkins rocker-turned-wrestling executive hit up his Twitter followers on Sunday to talk about the future of music. For starters, Corgan thinks it's only a matter of time before corporations begin picking up the tab for all streaming services. He also has a hunch that tech companies with music services (see Apple, Google, Amazon) are really just trying to get you to buy more gadgets.

"Tech companies need you clicking on things, viewing ads, buying phones, tablets, their altruistic business models that they're saving world," he said. "Music is one HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way (but not only) of getting you into their hubs/spheres/.coms and for that artists receive a pittance."

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