Exclusive: Sony Music Renews Deal with DEL Records for Gerardo Ortiz

Gerardo Ortiz

Alvaro Robles

Indie Mexican music label DEL Records has renewed its agreement with Sony Music US Latin to release and market the recordings of maverick chart-topper Gerardo Ortiz, Billboard has learned.

The renewal is the continuation of an agreement first signed five years ago, when Ortiz was a little known act who came to Sony's attention by making waves with youtube videos and racy, often graphic corridos.

Since then, Ortiz, now 25, has placed five albums at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart, and five singles at No. 1 on Billboard's Regional Mexican Song chart. His new album, Hoy Mas Fuerte (Stronger Today), is due out in May.  

"When we first joined forces with Gerardo and DEL, our objective was clear: make Gerardo Ortiz the next regional Mexican music star. Five years later, I'm proud to say that we have accomplished this," said Nir Seroussi, president Sony Music U.S. Latin. "As we extend our successful partnership, we have very ambitious plans for the next stage in Gerardo Ortiz's career."

Ortiz is signed as an exclusive recording artist to Los Angeles-based DEL Records, but Sony oversees digital and physical sales and also executes marketing.

All of the DEL Records' artists, including Regulo Caro, Luis Coronel and Ariel Camacho, are also distributed through Sony.

However, this particular renewal is only for Ortiz and the distribution and marketing of his recordings.

"This agreement underlies our continued investment in a vital market, alongside a company known for its successful track record and prestige," said Angel Del Villar, CEO of DEL Records.

Beyond his own success, Ortiz also ushered in a new wave of regional Mexican talent, including his own brother, Kevin Ortiz, a first-time finalist in this year's Billboard Latin Music Awards.