Executive Playlist: Capitol Records' Jeff Temske Goes Way Out and All Around

The top of the Capitol Records tower in LA, with some friends.

Courtesy of Jeff Temske

This week on Executive Playlist we have the impossibly wide-ranging taste of Capitol Music Group's Jeff Temske (a colleague of our most recent EP) for you to enjoy. Any playlist that sandwiches Kanye West and Julia Holster between Neu! and Michael Rauther is very much worth yours, ours and everyone's time... and time you better have, as this beast is about six hours long. Jeff explains:

I am currently the senior director of industry research at Capitol Music Group. The majority of my workday is spent working in "big data" to identify sales and market trends at both the micro and macro levels. Because of that, most of the music I gravitate towards has to keep my mind active and open but not overly distracted.  

This mix is 60-some tracks for 6 hours across most of my favorite genres (and featuring a few of our developing artists...), from jazz to shoegaze, all trying to achieve that balance.