Biz caught up with the heads of the RCA Music Group, president and COO Tom Corson and CEO Peter Edge at Billboard's 2013 Women in Music event. The execs, who are having a banner year with Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Daughtry, discussed another incredible RCA artist, P!nk, who won Billboard's Woman of the Year honors. Corson recalled first working with her when she was signed to Arista/LaFace while Edge credited her supreme "dedication" as an artist and her incredible live show as two big reasons behind her amazing success. Corson also spoke about the diversity in RCA's executive ranks and lauded our Women in Music event. When asked what's coming up in Q1 after RCA's big year Edge had one word, "Shakira;" while Corson mentioned new albums by Jennifer Hudson and Kid Ink as well as carry-overs from Q4, which includes Kings of Leon and Britney Spears.