Seymour Stein on Lou Reed’s Passing: 'We Always Respected Each Other'

Lou Reed

Richard E. Aaron/Redferns


Seymour Stein, the great music man and label head, sent Billboard his thoughts on the passing of Lou Reed. Here Stein briefly discusses signing Reed to Sire which released his acclaimed "New York" album in 1988 their shared love of Doc Pomus and Jimmy Scott and more.

"I knew him well.  Of course, I signed him and the result, thanks to him not me, was comeback album, "New York. I loved the fact that he was exactly one month older than me. Now the thought scares me. We also had same lawyer and accountant at time I signed him."

 "We also worked together with John Cale on Andy Warhol tribute/memorial album, "Songs of Drella."

"We both loved Brill Building/1650 Broadway songwriters.  When a dear friend, we both loved, Doc Pomus died, Lou brought Little Jimmy Scott to sing.  I was so overwhelmed, I signed him and Tommy Li Puma, produced great album all thanks to Lou.  Gave Jimmy a new start.  Sire released several albums.  Last I heard Jimmy was still going strong."

"I rarely saw him in recent years, but there were never any bad words between us, two Jewish boys from Brooklyn. We always respected each other."