The family of Tim Carr, the former Capitol, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks A&R exec who died under unclear circumstances in Thailand earlier this week, has written about his death and granted permission to publish it here. They note that the reports surrounding his death, some of which were cited in our earlier article, may have been inaccurate. We will report further information as it becomes available.

“As you know (or maybe you've read), our beloved brother Tim died unexpectedly a few days ago in his home in Thailand. We're still gathering details and there have been many reports. In our contacts with the Thai authorities, the U.S. Embassy and many Thai residents, we are told that it is somewhat common for the Thai tabloid press to publish what can end up being incorrect information (some of which has been quoted in other newspapers and websites). While the family continues to work with the authorities and the Embassy in Thailand to bring Tim's remains home and finalize circumstances, we've indeed heard reports from Tim's property manager and a friend who has viewed the remains, that conflict with what was published in the Thai tabloids.

“We are mourning the loss of our wonderful free-spirit brother. His passing brings memories of incredible adventures to all who knew him - across the globe.

“The family is also finalizing travel plans.

“Copied below is the obituary that will be running in the Minneapolis paper on Sunday in hopes it will help to bring a modicum of healing to all of you who knew our incredible force-of-nature brother, Tim Carr.

“Please be with us and our mother in this difficult time with your prayers, thoughts and reflections in remembering Tim.

“We'll be back with more details, such as where to send memorials and a memorial service as we button down the family's next steps,


The Carr Family"

* * *

Timothy Joseph Carr

Carr, Timothy Joseph, 57, died unexpectedly last week in his home in Thailand. Preceded in death by father, Tom Carr and survived by mother, Joan Carr, his brothers and sisters: Bridget (Pirsch), Tom Jr., Terry (Amy), Chris (Aimee), Michael (Ann), Dan (Kathy Glover), Molly, and Colleen (Tim Evon) and 20 loving nieces and nephews, who loved their Uncle Tim and his amazing stories and wonderful gifts.

Tim was whip smart, refreshingly funny and engaging, and his passing brings memories of incredible adventures to all who knew him across the globe. At various times, Tim lived in Bangkok, London, New York City, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Tim grew up in Hopkins, attended the University of Minnesota, worked as the music critic for the Star Tribune, and was a freelance writer for Rolling Stone and other publications. He also served as Performing Arts Curator at the Walker Art Center (where he orchestrated the punk music festival Marathon-80).

Tim moved to New York in his early 20’s where he was Performing Arts Director at the Walker-like Kitchen Center of Performing Arts and was responsible for the first two seasons of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival. He also worked in artist management with Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, Arto Lindsay and more before embarking on 15 years working in Artists & Repertoire (A&R) for Capitol Records, Warner Brothers Records and Dreamworks Records where he worked with artists such as David Byrne, The Beastie Boys, Squeeze, Ash, Megadeth, Lush, Joan Jett, Paul Shaffer and more.

Tim moved to his beloved Thailand in 2002 where he became a writer, a promoter, an A&R guy for Asian bands, and even a TV and motion picture executive of sorts. Tim had unique perspectives, incomparable wit, a great smile and a joi de vivre that led to a robust career and life most of us had trouble even imagining. He’ll be missed. Memorials and a memorial service in Minneapolis will be announced as details are finalized.