News broke yesterday that Clear Channel Media and Entertainment CEO Bob Pittman is among the investors purchasing a minority stake in baseball's financially-troubled New York Mets.

With apologies to David Letterman - and with good-natured love to our friends at Clear Channel - here are the top five concerns now that a radio guy co-owns the Mets.

(Paul, drumroll please!)

5. When manager Terry Collins calls the bullpen, he'll now be greeted with a, "Sorry, you're caller No. 1, please try again …"

4. Now starting for the Mets in center field: John Fogerty

3. Pitching rotation tightened to the three top-testing starters, per fan research.

2. He'll hire his chatty DJ friends as stadium vendors. "Hot dogs here! … at 7:05, five past 7, 67 degrees ..."

And … the No. 1 concern now that a radio guy co-owns the Mets:

Only his radio stations will have hits!

(P.S: And, for once, a radio guy can take a label executive to a game!)