Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has teamed up with Danish company Moodagent for music tagging.

“Our goal in this area is to ensure that the UMPG catalog is accurately indexed and categorized so we can provide better, faster service to our customers,” UMPG executive VP of operations/CFO Michael J. Sammis said in a statement.

Moodagent provides automated music analysis, play listing, recommendations and music navigation. The service with provide UMPG with auto-generated metadata tags for all UMPG tracks, as well as instant profiling and tagging of newly added tracks.

“This system enables our clients and internal staff to find the right music quickly by using natural keywords such as mood or genre,”  UMPG VP of music for advertising Tom Eaton said in a statement.

“With this solution we ensure that all newly added tracks are analyzed and indexed immediately, and that the tags are accurate and consistent. We’re confident that this addition to our systems will make our work processes smoother, strengthen our business and help stimulate all parts of our catalog.”