French crooner Charles Aznavour, English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg, film-maker Michael Apted, British Telecom CEO Ben Verwaayen, and EMI Music Publishing president Roger Faxon will take part in a two-day 'Copyright Summit' in Brussels in May, it was announced Monday (Jan. 22).

The May 30-31 gathering, organized by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), will also include officials, legal experts and representatives from across the industry to discuss the new digital challenges to traditional copyright issues.

Other confirmed guests include EMI's European head Jean-Fran?ois C?cillon, Creative Commons Founder Lawrence Lessig, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices director Rich Lappenbusch, and Motor FM founder and CEO Tim Renner.

CISAC director general Eric Baptiste said the summit would serve as the ideal platform for discussions amongst authors, their collective management societies, the different parties involved in the value chain of the cultural industries, and the political decision-makers and regulators. "At a time marked by massive changes in the way people access culture, as well as the unprecedented worldwide craving for intellectual works, it lies in the common interest to find win-win solutions for everyone, and the quicker, the better," he said.

CISAC says the digital revolution has thrown the entertainment industry is in a state of "extreme upheaval". The summit aims to gather all those directly involved in copyright issues: creators and authors' societies, music publishers and record companies, audiovisual producers and broadcasters, telecommunications operators and content service providers, hardware manufacturers, consumer representatives, legal experts and key political decision-makers.