David Israelite, president/CEO of the National Music Publishers' Assn., has accepted a contract extension to continue leading the organization through 2010. The 18-member NMPA board of directors, made up of executives with indie and major music publishers, unanimously voted to extend Israelite's contract.

"Since he's taken charge, the NMPA has paved the way in the battle for better laws protecting copyrights in the digital age," says Irwin Robinson, NMPA chairman. "Under his leadership, the NMPA has become a forceful voice for music publishers and songwriters, and that voice is now being heard in the chambers of Congress and throughout the nation's capital."

Israelite joined the NMPA in February 2005, and the music publishing trade group moved its headquarters from New York City to Washington, D.C. Israelite has been instrumental in bringing creators together to speak about the need for stronger copyright laws to ensure that they get fair compensation for their hard work.

"I'm excited about having the opportunity to continue to advocate for the issues music publishers and songwriters will face in the digital age," Israelite says. "It is challenging and rewarding to convince our nation's leaders and the public at large that protecting copyright is vital to America's continued economic and cultural leadership."

Before joining the NMPA, Israelite was with the U.S. Justice Department, serving as deputy chief of staff and counselor to Attorney General John Ashcroft and as chairman of the Intellectual Property Task Force. He led a group of DOJ attorneys in formulating a plan of action to strengthen intellectual property enforcement internationally.

The report laid the groundwork for continuing efforts by the DOJ today under the chairmanship of Kyle Sampson, chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.