EMI Music Publishing is moving its New York-based global headquarters on Monday from midtown Manhattan to the city's hip meatpacking district.

The new 65,000 square foot office space in the historic Chelsea Market building will, for the first time, house all of the publisher's New York staff in one location.

"Moving to a new purpose-built space will allow us to bring our songwriters and the key commercial users of music together, in new and compelling ways," says chairman/CEO Roger Faxon. "The meatpacking district is already home to some of the best-known media companies in the United States, and we're delighted to be able to move in to such a creative and dynamic part of New York."

In addition to office and conference room facilities, the new space will have a performance area and stage, giving its writers, producers and artists a dedicated area to showcase their work. It will also include a hi-tech "music spa," where clients like ad agencies, brands, game developers and telecommunications companies can research and listen to music they may want to use.