Peermusic has entered into a worldwide administration agreement with Cat 5
Music Publishing operated by graduate students at the University of Miami's
Frost School of Music.

Cat 5 is reportedly the first graduate student-run music publishing company in the nation. The company, formed in 2002, is staffed by master's candidates in the Frost School's Music Business and Entertainment Industries program. Program Director Rey Sanchez and music publishing veteran John Redmond oversee the company, which recently provided music supervision services for, and placed several songs in, the motion picture "Gringo Wedding."

This first-of-its-kind relationship is expected to help Cat 5 profit from peermusic's worldwide administrative and creative support, while peermusic
will tap into a new source of music discovered by Cat 5's young, creative team.

"The creative team at Cat5 is plugged into a network of hundreds of great young musicians from within the Frost School and beyond," says Dean Shelton
Berg. "These relationships are a vital link to the discovery of new songs and new composing talent."

"I'm a great believer that 'learning by doing' is an important part of an overall academic program designed for future professionals," says Ralph Peer II. "Such preparation by an institution of the stature of the University of Miami is critical to the long-term viability of the music business and the creative talent it serves."

Peer says he thinks of this agreement as more than a commercial venture.

"It's a symbiotic opportunity for peermusic to participate in the thinking of the next generation of composers and music executives while simultaneously providing them with access to an experienced worldwide team of professionals," he says.

James Progris chairs the school's Music, Media and Industry department.