Qtrax has received a major boost. The ad-supported peer-to-peer file sharing service, whose entry to market unravelled in spectacular fashion during the recent MidemNet trade fair, has signed an extension to its digital distribution licensing agreement with EMI Music Publishing.

In a statement, EMI Music Publishing chairman and CEO Roger Faxon said the music publisher "came on board with QTrax very early because we believed that this concept could provide real value to our songwriters." He adds: "as such, we are extraordinarily pleased that it has come to fruition and that is now going to become a reality."

Allan Klepfisz, founder and chairman of N.Y.-based Qtrax, added, "Roger Faxon demonstrated great vision and leadership in supporting us in our infancy and we are thrilled to have EMI Publishing on board with a renewed agreement."

Klepfisz unveiled Qtrax to the music industry and the world's media during the MidemNet confab in January, boasting a catalog of 30 million tracks from the four major and independent labels. Soon after, it transpired that licensing deals had yet to be finalized on much of that catalog.