ASCAP and Nimbit are offering more tools for ASCAP members to benefit from the Internet.

Through a new two-year partnership, Nimbit and ASCAP are providing songwriters and publishers direct-to-fan sales and catalog management Web tools as part of a basic membership package. Nimbit is also offering a premium package in connection with an ASCAP member benefits program.

"ASCAP is continuing to place an emphasis on career advancement through a variety of initiatives," ASCAP senior VP of marketing Lauren Iossa says. "Our work with Nimbit really goes a long way to providing our members with the new tools to succeed in this ever-changing music environment."

ASCAP launched Webtools in 2003, an umbrella program of partner services that help music creators benefit from the Internet. As part of that program, Nimbit offers automated Web sites and e-mail promotion.

Under the new deal, Nimbit is offering a much wider menu of options to manage careers online, including a basic set of free services as well as discounts on Nimbit's professional retail services. Nimbit provides the platform for catalog administration, marketing, distribution and direct-to-fan sales.

The deal also represents a new framework for the broader integration of Nimbit services into ASCAP offerings. Members will be able to benefit from tailor-made enhancements to the free services and to the professional packages.

In 2007, Nimbit launched nimbitOMT, a music commerce widget used to sell MP3s, CDs, eTickets and other merchandise across social networks. Earlier this year, Nimbit introduced nimbitSkin, a customizable music storefront that allows fans to purchase an entire catalog of products from any Web site.

Iossa and Nimbit CEO Patrick Faucher announced the deal.