New Canadian copyright legislation will be introduced tomorrow, the federal Conservative government said this afternoon.

The music industry blames lax copyright legislation for the proliferation of file sharing in the country and a decline of more than 45% in total music sales since their peak in 1999.

Though details were few, Minister of Industry Jim Prentice, and Minister of Heritage Josee Verner have been announced as taking questions from the media tomorrow morning after the bill is tabled.

The Canadian music industry has been seeking changes to the Copyright Act for more than a decade. In 1997, Canada signed on to the WIPO Treaty, but never ratified it. The previous Liberal government introduced legislation designed to change the Copyright Act in 2005, but it died when an election was called.

Changes to the law were expected last December, but the government didn’t introduce the law amid heavy lobbying by those who felt the new Canadian law would closely resemble the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act.