U.K. authors collecting society MCPS-PRS has issued half-year results for 2008 that show combined royalties from broadcasters and online services out-performing mechanical revenues.

For the six-month period up to the end of June, MCPS-PRS collected £286.1 million ($549.6 million), an increase of 6% on the total of £271 million ($520.9 million) for the same period for 2007.

Income from physical products including CDs and DVDs fell 9% to £74.7 million ($143.6 million) compared to last year. MCPS-PRS says the overall decline is down to a 15% fall in revenues from CDs, adding that licensing of DVDs and USB sticks performed better than in the first six months of 2007.

The society says income from broadcasting and online services reached £82.3 million ($158.1 million), up 13% from £72.9 million ($140 million) on the six month period last year. However, online royalties increased by over 40% thanks to continued growth in downloads, although the £7 million ($13.4 million) that represents for the six months remains a small proportion of total revenue.

"We are making inroads into the online market with our groundbreaking licensing deals with iTunes, YouTube and Bebo, with further gains anticipated in the year," says chief executive Steve Porter in a statement. "The decrease of 15% in CD sales was overturned by innovation and growth in licensing in other areas of the business."

Public performance income was up 5.4% to £70.5 million ($135.4 million), while international revenues account for £58.6 million ($112.5 million). MCPS-PRS says the 14% rise is down to gains in most countries, with U.K. music proving most popular in the U.S., Germany, France and Japan.