U.K. authors' collecting society the MCPS has announced the Independent Production Company (IPC) licence, a 'one-stop-shop' system that simplifies the application process undertaken by independent U.K. production companies when using library music.

The licence gives companies access to over 300,000 pieces of music from 150 libraries. The new system also reduces costs for independents by requiring a single application to cover the music being used.

For larger use of production music, the IPC licence now offers annual blanket deals for worldwide unrestricted buy-outs and series. New rates have also been introduced for smaller instances of music use, with 30 seconds now reduced to £75 ($131) and individual programs of unrestricted length now at £750 ($1,300). Specific prices are available for U.K. TV, world sales, DVD and online & mobile.

"The new IPC licence provides our customers with simple, flexible and more affordable access to a wide range of our members' music, including access to works from award-winning composers such as John Altman and Paul Leonard-Morgan," said MCPS executive director Jeremy Fabinyi in a statement.