The German collecting society GEMA, based in Munich, is considering joining the International Copyright Enterprise (ICE).

ICE is a joint venture comprising the British MCPS-PRS Alliance and the Swedish collecting society STIM, the aim of which is to create a high-quality joint service center for collecting societies in Europe.

GEMA Board Chairman Dr. Harald Heker said in a statement: "An efficient administration has always been the basis for business processes at GEMA. Participation in ICE could result in the creation of a further important strategic connection with the MCPS-PRS Alliance and STIM. This would then lead to a further increases in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our business."

Steve Porter, CEO at MCPS-PRS Alliance, added: "The strategic, operative and commercial idea and importance behind ICE is convincing and will become even stronger if new partners and customers are acquired. It would therefore be wonderful if GEMA were to become a partner in ICE."

Further announcements are expected in the first half of 2009.

In Germany GEMA represents the copyrights of more than 60,000 members (composers, authors and music publishers) as well as more than 1 million rights holders around the globe.