EverGreen Copyrights has issued a statement retracting a claim it made that a Nick Drake tribute project would include a video featuring the late actor Heath Ledger.

The announcement was made Jan. 18 during the MidemNet digital music conference in Cannes. A tribute album featuring covers of Drake songs -- controlled by EverGreen -- is going ahead. The artists involved and track listings have not been finalized yet. It is set for release via for Johnson's Brushfire Records.

However, the publisher has now made clear that a DVD package won't include Heath Ledger's version of "Black Eyed Dog," filmed in late 2007 for a multimedia installation but never officially released.

EverGreen's co-CEO Richard W. Perna expressed "regret" over the making of the "incorrect" statement about the inclusion of Ledger's video.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment caused to Mr Ledger's estate, Nick Drake's estate, Brushfire Records, or anyone else involved with the tribute album," said Perna in a statement.

English singer/songwriter Drake was little-known when he died of a drug overdose in 1974 aged 26. His influence has grown in the decades since, though, and his profile increased dramatically after his song "Pink Moon" was used in a 2000 Volkswagen commercial.