E1 Entertainment Distribution has signed a deal that will allow its labels to use RightsFlow, a provider of bulk mechanical licensing, royalty services and accounting.

"Partnering with RightsFlow allows E1 to provide its distributed labels with access to RightsFlow's unique, cost-saving, bulk mechanical licensing program" stated Michael Rosenberg, president of E1 Entertainment Distribution U.S. "In RightsFlow, we have a proven partner who can manage this important area of our distributed labels' business. By relieving themselves of the burden of this time-consuming and increasingly complex task, our labels have more time and energy to do what they do best – produce content for E1 to distribute - and publishers and songwriters rights are properly licensed and compensated."

Through the deal, E1 labels will be able to access RightsFlow's proprietary mechanical licensing 'FLOW' system to license, account, and pay publisher royalties for DPD, interactive streams and limited downloads, including subscription and ad-supported models.