Ole has introduced an e-tool song-search database aimed at allowing artists, producers, music supervisors, film directors and video game producers to locate and instantly license music from the ole catalogue.

According to the announcement from the Canadian music publisher, the e-tool, called musicnow, is a search engine using multiple criteria to search for music including genre, tempo, era and style from ole's 40,000-plus songs, and begin the licensing process, including requesting a quote directly from the company's administration department immediately. "The goal is to deliver same-day clearance [and] turnaround," the announcement says.

The ole catalog includes songs like Taylor Swift’s “White Horse;” Alannah Myles' “Black Velvet;" Kelly Clarkson’s “Miss Independent”; and Akon's "Once In A While."

“You can stream audio directly from the site, even without being a
registered user," ole senior creative manager Elizabeth Spear said in a
statement. "You can customize your search for sync projects or for recording artists. You can create your own projects that you can e-mail to anybody you’re working with or you can contact our creative staff directly and we can send you some suggestions.”

Smart functions include the ability to find songs in a similar style. “If
you search for a song by Dream Warriors you’ll get that selection and will also find songs that “sound like” or are similar to that song," Spear says.

“We’re tagging criteria to all of the songs so that people can find what
they’re looking for by lyrical theme, genre style, mood, tempo - pretty much anything.”

The e-tool also allows Ole staff to see all song shares, publishers and PRO information to help facilitate the clearance with other rights holders.