YouTube has reacted positively to U.K. authors rights body PRS for Music's new performance right rates for streaming services in the United Kingdom, but discussions about a new licensing deal are ongoing.

YouTube began blocking premium music videos for U.K. users in March after a deal could not be reached.

The headline royalty rate will increase from 8% to 10.5% of a streaming site's revenue, while the per-stream minimum is to be reduced from 0.22 pence (0.35 cents) to 0.085 pence (0.13 cents).

"We welcome any efforts to make licensing costs more realistic, but as we're still in discussions with the PRS to agree license terms for YouTube we're unable to comment further," a YouTube spokesperson tells

The new, lower rates will not encourage Pandora to start up in the U.K., though, as this license does not cover the service. The relevant license for interactive Webcasting has been cut but not by as much.