An annual survey of young people by umbrella trade group U.K. Music shows that P2P activity has dipped slightly, with 61% of those surveyed admitting to downloading music in this way.

The result was down on the 63% who admitted to illicit P2P activity in the 2008 survey. Of the 61% of P2P users, 83% said they used P2P networks or torrent trackers on a weekly basis.

However, 85% of these P2P downloaders said they would be interested in paying for an unlimited MP3 download service

The online survey of music consumption behavior among 1,800 14 to 24-year-olds was carried out in spring 2009 by the University Of Hertfordshire.

It also found that 87% of those responding said that copying between devices is important to them, with 87% admitting to copying a CD for a friend, 75% sending music by email, Bluetooth, Skype or MSN and 38% owning up to ripping a TV, radio or Internet stream.

Of those who completed the survey, 57% have copied a friend's entire music collection.

The survey also found that music remains the most valued form of entertainment among young people and that the computer is the main entertainment hub - 68% of respondents use it every day to listen to music.

"Over the past 12 months, the licensed digital music market has diversified enormously - epitomised by competition in the download market and the traction being gained by streaming services," said U.K. Music CEO Feargal Sharkey in a statement. "Meanwhile, the prospect of commercial partnerships with ISPs lies tantalisingly on the horizon. And, of course, the U.K.'s artists and creative community continue to break new ground: innovating, experimenting and engaging with fans in all manner of new exciting and ways.

"Clearly, the shape of our entire business will continue to evolve. However, we will achieve nothing if we do not work with music fans, and young music fans in particular. They are hugely demanding in their needs, but collectively we must rise to that challenge."