-The November settlement for unpaid royalties due to music publishers for unpaid pending and unmatched funds held by the major music companies is now officially underway with the launching of the National Music Publishers Late Fee Program Web site.

The settlement, negotiated by the National Music Publishers Association and the Recording Industry Association of America, allows for the majors to pay out up to $275 million to music publishers, and to implement new business practices so that pending and unmatched funds can't build up to large amounts, like the one that necessitated the settlement.

The payout is based on market share and publishers can opt in and receive payments or not participate and still pursue whatever royalty payments they think they are due through the normal channels open to all publishers.

The site includes an application and instructions on who is eligible to
participate, as well as other information.

-Peermusic UK, a division of peermusic, has entered into a long-term
co-publishing venture with So Star Entertainment, run by veteran artist manager Melvin Brown and Ed Swinburne.

According to the Peer announcement, Brown either managed or worked on projects with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, Nick Cannon and Akon. So Star Entertainment is looking to sign artists and writer/producers to the co-publishing venture.