Five European music rights organizations have signed on to using the Digital Data Exchange standards for receiving sales information reported by digital service providers. Digital Data Exchange was formed in 2006 by major record labels, online music distributors and music rights societies to create standards to facilitate the exchange of metadata.

The MROs, which include CELAS, GEMA, PAECOL, PRS for Music and SACEM, have signed a memorandum of understanding to use standard XML messaging for the exchange of information between business partners across the digital music chain. The five MROs have agreed upon their minimum mandatory information requirements so that online distributors can submit their sales information using the same data format. The move is consistent with building a common information framework to support pan-European licensing, according to the announcement.

According to executives with the five organizations, the move simplifies and minimizes the cost of the reporting process. Moreover, the five music rights organizations are also working to produce a set of standard XML messaging, protocol that allows for web interoperability, for reporting music sales of audiovisual products too.

The announcement reported that other music rights organization are reviewing the set of XML messages with a view of also becoming signatories to the memorandum.