-- Bertelsmann's CFO has expressed tempered interest in the music publishing assets of EMI. "If EMI is on the market, we will look at it," Thomas Rabe said on Tuesday (March 23). "But I'm not aware that EMI is currently on the market." He added that Bertelsmann is not in "active" talks with Citigroup, which holds EMI's debt, or "official" talks about EMI with Warner Music Group. Last week, reports said private equity firm KKR was in talks with Warner on a plan in which KKR would acquire EMI's publishing division and Warner would take its recorded music division. KKR and Bertelsmann have a music publishing joint venture called BMG Rights Management. Given this joint venture, it's not a surprise that Bertelsmann would have at least some interest in EMI's catalog. (BusinessWeek.com)

-- Two members of Rabid Neurosis were found not guilty last Friday (March 19) of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. Four other members of the organization - said to be a "release group" for pirated music, which specialized in pre-releases - pled guilty to copyright infringement and three of those testified for the government in the trial. The September 2009 indictment stated that the defendants were reproducing and distributing thousands of copyrighted songs from 1999 to 2007. The group often acquired and released songs before their official street date. (Press Release)

-- In a statement to Billboard.biz, an RIAA spokesperson called the Rabid Neurosis decision “an anomaly” and pointed to many different outcomes in similar cases. “For context, during the last six years, the Justice Department has brought music piracy criminal copyright cases against 22 defendants who were involved in a variety of pre-release ripping groups like RNS and APC. Twenty of those defendants were convicted, and the pre-release groups the individuals were involved in were brought to an end.”

-- Bandcamp has created a list of best practices titled "Bandcamp for Drummers." One of the most interesting tips is to add lyrics to Bandcamp pages. There are two reasons to do this, according to Bandcamp. First, Google sends more traffic to Bandcamp than Facebook. Searches for song lyrics will lead to the Bandcamp page. Second, Bandcamp embeds the lyrics into downloads. This allows iPhone users, for example, to view the lyrics overlaid atop the cover art. "When fans pay for a download and view the lyrics this way, the transaction no longer feels like a donation for some tunes they could have just as easily grabbed for free at a file sharing site -- instead, it feels like buying something." (Bandcamp)

-- Kings of Leon's "Only By The Night" has become the first digital album to sell over 250,000 units in the U.K. Only 12 albums have topped the 100,000 download mark. The Official Charts Company projects Lady Gaga's "The Fame" to pass that quarter-million mark within the next month. (BBC)