-- The U.S. Department of Commerce has come out in favor of granting copyright owners and performers a public performance right when their songs are played on radio, as would be required by the "Performance Rights Act," currently being considered in both house of the U.S. Congress.

In a letter written by the U.S. Department of Commerce General Counsel Cameron F. Kerry to Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the chairman of the Senate's Judiciary Committee, which is overseeing the bill in that house, he states that the department has "long endorsed" such a right.

Kerry also said if the bill is enacted, it would "advance public welfare by compensating American performers and the record companies that produce and distribute their creative works."

Proponents of the bill are hailing the letter as a signal that President Obama's administration supports the proposed legislation.

The National Assn. of Broadcasters (NAB), which is fighting a fierce battle to stop the bill from being enacted, commented on the latest turn of events.

"NAB was aware this letter was coming, which is a position taken previously by the Bush Commerce Department," NAB executive VP Dennis Wharton said in a statement. "We're disappointed the Commerce Department would embrace legislation that would kill jobs in the U.S. and send hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign record labels that have historically exploited artists whose careers were nurtured by American radio stations."

"The good news is that 260 members of the House of Representatives and 27 U.S. Senators are standing with hometown radio stations and against the RIAA," Wharton continued.

-- RightsFlow has signed a deal to provide licensing, administration and reporting services for Guvera, a new digital content platform launching in the United States with free, ad-supported music downloads and streaming services.

"With the launch of our pure, ad-supported music service in the U.S., we want to ensure that our content is properly licensed and that musicians and songwriters are properly paid and accounted to for their work," Guvera head of content Dan Thompson said in a statement. "RightsFlow offers us the expertise and the solution to ensure this."

-- Downtown Music Publishing (DMP) has completed a worldwide publishing agreement with recording artist, songwriter and producer Cam'ron.

Under the terms of the agreement, DMP will exclusively represent Cam'ron's Killa Cam Music (BMI) song catalog as well as future works.

Cam'ron has been a staple in New York's Hip Hop scene for more than a decade, and has has sold over 10 million albums as a solo recording artist, according to the announcement on the deal.