EMI Music Publishing has extended publishing agreements with some of its most successful songwriters, including Amy Winehouse, Scissor Sisters, Bryan Ferry, and Take That members Howard Donald and Jason Orange.

"Ultimately if writers are not satisfied with a publisher's performance, they have the opportunity to vote with their feet and leave, so we're proud that our writers value their relationship with EMI Music Publishing, and that they want us to represent them for the long-term," EMI Music Publishing UK President Guy Moot said in a statement.

Winehouse is currently working on her third studio album, while the Scissor Sisters' third album, "Night Work," will be released is released at the end of June. EMI Music Publishing represents Scissor Sisters across the world, excluding North America. In September, Ferry will release a solo album featuring collaborations with Groove Armada and the Scissor Sisters, as well as seven new songs.