The German collection society GEMA has published special tariffs covering music played at public screenings in Germany of broadcasts from the soccer World Cup 2010, held in South Africa.

GEMA is collecting those licenses on behalf of the German collection societies GVL (German collection society for Performers and Phonogram Producers) and the VG Wort (literature). VG Wort remunerates journalists and sports reporters.

From June 11 until July 11, locations such as pubs, restaurants, beer gardens, shops and other locations in which TVs have been especially set up for the World Cup have to pay €25.01 ($30.65) per screen.

For large screens above 106cm in diameter, a license of €96.59 ($118.35) is payable for locations up to 100 square meters, and €144.12 ($176.54) for locations bigger than 100 square meters.

These fees include 26% to GVL and 20% to VG Wort. TV sets that are set up during the whole year in those locations don't have to pay an additional license.

For public viewing events with admission fees and pre-event advertising, as well as additional food and drink stands, the special tariffs are not applicable. For these events the license is calculated from the size of the location and the admission fee.

In Germany, GEMA represents the copyrights of more than 60,000 members (composers, lyricists and music publishers), and it also represents over 1 million copyright owners all over the world.