The first German Songwriter Camp was attended by more than 20 authors from Germany, Sweden, England, Japan and Australia in a studio in Hamburg during the Reeperbahn Festival. It was organized by the two Hamburg-based music publishers AMV Talpa and Peermusic.

The music festival and conference ran from Sept. 23 to Sept. 25.

During the Songwriter Camp, the authors were aiming to come up with a potential new hit for the German Eurovision winner Lena, which may then be presented at the next Eurovision Song Contest.

The authors were put into teams of three and given a task by labels for current artists and bands. The new songs were presented live by the authors themselves in an all-star combo at the "Silber" club on the Reeperbahn Saturday night (Sept. 25).

"Our first international United Nations of Songwriters from different continents is a promising start for finding potential hits. At the Songwriter Camp we focus on the people with whom everything starts. After all, the song comes first - then comes the hit, interpreted by the singers. Unfortunately, the composer and the songwriter are much too often forgotten when the hits are celebrated", explained Lars Ingwersen, managing director Peermusic Germany, in the studio.

"Great hits are [often] created in a partnership of several authors. We have managed to bring some good authors with international reputations together in Hamburg. For me personally this is my creative highlight of the year", said Jens-Markus Wegener, managing director AMV Talpa.

The authors list includes Alf Tuohey (Australia), Daniel Nitt (Germany), Allan Eshuijs (Netherlands), Caroline Harrison (U.K.), Shereen Shabana (U.K.), Tony Nilsson (Sweden), Heroism (Japan), Franck Fossey (France) and André Franke (Germany).

Australian composer Alf Tuohey tells "It's a great experience to work together with internationally renowned colleagues for three days."

Mimoza Blinsson from Germany, whose songs are successful in Japan, stated: "I'm really pleased to be able to write songs in a team for a change instead of doing it alone at home. It's a unique experience."

German composer Matthias Haß, who's had No. 1 hits with Roger Cicero and Annett Louisan, added: "I find it inspiring to be part of an international team and gain new experience in this way."