Merlin Sues LimeWire, Seeking at Least $5 Million
Merlin Sues LimeWire, Seeking at Least $5 Million

At least one legal battle over the damages the music industry seeks from the P2P service LimeWire has come to an end.

According to a document filed yesterday to the court overseeing the case, a group of publishers settled with Lime Wire for an undisclosed sum on Friday. The move means all claims from the publishers involved in the suit against both Lime Wire and individually against founder Mark Gordon are dismissed. Both sides will pay their own attorney's fees.

A spokesperson for the National Music Publishers' Association told in a statement: "We are pleased that this litigation is over. The parties worked hard to achieve a settlement that is a good result for all involved."

However the labels, representing the recorded music portion of the case, are still seeking hundreds of millions in damages, with a May trial date schedule to asses that claim.

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