One Direction Drag Me Down 2015

One Direction in the video for "Drag Me Down."

Courtesy of VEVO

Countless deals have been made on golf courses, but a video on a golf site isn’t exactly where you’d expect to get breaking news about the music business.

In an interview on the show posted Tuesday, host Harry Arnett refers to The Eagles, Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Christina Aguilera and One Direction as artists who are “represented, or have been represented” by Irving Azoff.

One Direction have long been managed by veterans Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee of Modest Management, but considering the recent rumors that Azoff was hot on the trail of the group’s No. 1 heartthrob Harry Styles, did Arnett inadvertently just break a huge story? 

Well, not quite. While Azoff did not correct Arnett directly on the show -- "You got about half the list right" -- but he did Tweet on Wednesday morning:

From there, the conversation focused mostly on the fairway and various musicians’ habits therein, although Azoff did confirm that he’s working with “new clients” John Mayer and Jon Bon Jovi. And most significantly, confirmed that "golf has been a big part of the Eagles’ touring, because Glenn Frey and I refuse to stay anywhere that’s not within 50 miles of a top 20 golf course."