Airplane  Plagio 2015

Latin Bitman in the video for "Airplane."

Courtesy Photo

Chilean electronic artist Latin Bitman’s latest video accuses LAN -- Chile’s major airline -- of ripping off his song “Airplane.” Bitman made the video and posted it on YouTube after his 8-year-old son told him that he kept hearing his dad's song “Airplane” in a commercial on TV.

"The song is so similar, copied in such a way that you would think it’s my song, but it isn’t,” Bitman (real name: José Antonio Bravo) said in message in Spanish that he sent out on social media along with the video. The clip -- which compares the two songs using snippets of the LAN commercial and of his video for “Ariplane” -- has been watched more than 14,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday.

“I feel that the similarities are too severe to doubt that a similarity does exist,” Tomas Cookman, president of Bitman’s label Nacional Records, told Billboard. “The song and video has just come out weeks earlier and Bitman has done a lot of work with brands in Chile (and around the world). He has even worked with LAN on another commercial via the same agency in the past.  It is hard to say that the powers that be were not aware of his musical style.”

Cookman reveals that the label has reached out to the airline and its advertising agency and is awaiting an “official” response. “We do not take lightly the rights of our artists and writers and want to make sure that DJ Bitman’s music is protected and when used (officially) it is compensated,” Cookman added.

Bitman asks viewers to share the video if they think that LAN copied his song. What do you think?