Jordan Feldstein

Travis Schneider

A$AP Rocky manager Chace Johnson has been named executive vice president at Career Artist Management. The pact explores future Johnson business endeavors and signings and, with it, rapper Rocky and Chace client AWGE will join the management roster at CAM, which is also home to Maroon 5, Robin Thicke and Big Boi, among others. 

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“Chace is an industry veteran and an extremely talented, innovative executive,” said CAM founder and CEO Jordan Feldstein in making the announcement. “Rocky is truly an all-around brilliant artist. He is a versatile talent with a true commitment to his artistry, which has had a huge impact on music culture. I also want to thank Michael Rapino and Live Nation who were instrumental in bringing us all together.”

CAM was founded in 2005 and is based in Live Nation's Beverly Hills headquarters. Speaking to Billboard in January, Feldstein weighed in on expansion plans. "If something comes, it comes," he said. "I love the clients that I have now, and I don't really need to f-- with that just to add more pieces."